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Wedding Photographer Glasgow
Mark Wild.

I stumbled across my love for photography by wanting to document my children growing up and it grew from there really ! I then moved onto taking photos at my wedding gigs as I'm also a Wedding DJ in Scotland and have been full time for the last 8 years, so becoming a wedding photographer was natural progression. Many of my enquiries for DJing asked if I could also be their photographer as well, this being something I didn't want to do as it would dilute my energy for one or indeed the other. I'm now running them side by side as businesses with the photography side growing a lot quicker than I thought it would. I'm no stranger to wedding protocol due to being in the industry for so long and I have already racked up a good few weddings as solely the photographer and I'm loving it !

I'm a father of three, two amazing daughters and a son. I'm married to my best friend Heather, we were married 4 years ago but we've been together for 12 years now. I like Earl Grey tea, mushrooms,singing, music, walking, running, most sports, good films, a few beers from time to time and of course taking pictures, I love taking pictures. I'm a massive family man.

Myself, my  wife Heather and my babies Tori, Elise & Harrison.