Hugh & Kayleigh - Mossvale Community Hall & Glasgow West Ends very own Òran Mór

Hugh & Kayleigh were to be married in Mossvale Community Hall in Paisley, but first I headed to hang out with Kayleigh, her mum and her bridesmaids as they all got ready for the big day. It was an absolute pleasure to be in amongst it with these guys, so chill and all buzzing for the day ahead.

Kayleigh’s papa popped in to see his granddaughter and I don’t think everyone was ready for his reaction (as you’ll see in the pictures) bless him. After spending a good while with the girls I had time to pop in to see the lads too, who were all on fine form, absolute diamonds, they were all buzzing too and lapping up the chaos of everyone getting ready at the same time. After going back to the girls and catching Kayleigh’s Dad arrive for a first glance of his baby girl, I headed off to Mossvale Community Hall. Ah I almost forgot to mention I met the pasture at Hugh’s house, his name was Hugh and also had the same surname as the groom, it was his Dad!!!!! (my exclamation mark isn’t working!!!!! and oh how I love to over use the exclamation mark!!! -_-) He was about to conduct the wedding ceremony for his own son, how awesome :)

The closeness of everyone at this wedding was very apparent, the ceremony was a veritable banquet of emotions from all angles, group shots were a lot of fun and then everyone headed off to Glasgow’s West End and spend the rest of the day and night in the capable hands of the team at the Òran Mór

What. A. Day & what an absolutely awesome group of people.