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Lucy & Gordon | Kirknewton House Stables |

With the sun shining like it did for Kucy & Gordons big day, Kirknewton stables really could have been situated anywhere in the world, it had such a continental feel to it, like a  relaxed French wine festival within the grounds of a chateau sort of thing! 

My first port of call was to hang out with Lucy and her friends and family as they all got ready in Trini and Kev's wonderful house on the outskirts of Edinburgh. I actually loved that house!

When my work was done there it was time to head off to the venue, Kirknewton House Stables I've been there several times with my other job as a DJ so knew the layout to some extent, so O.K. I didn't really, as this time I got to recce the gardens and house within the estate and good golly miss Molly they are breathtaking. What a place for a wedding! All seated in the glorious sunshine with Gordon and Lucy to be wed under the grove of trees on the stunning lawns. Family and friends were playing frisbee, Croquet, football and sat on the lawn with ice cold drinks from the outdoor bar area #winning

When Lucy arrived with the bridesmaids all looking stunning, she was to walk down the aisle herself and wasn't to be given away, as in her eyes, it was something she as a woman in her own right 'wanted' to do! (I hope I've 'nearly' got that right Lucy!) It was a wonderful sight, Lucy grinning ear to ear as she proudly walked down the aisle toward Gordon.

 David the Humanist who did a spectacular job marrying the guys, top man with a brilliant sense of humour!

Anyway I'm waffling so here's some pictures that can describe much better than I what kind of day it was :)


The Garden Office by Steelgrain

As our family started to outgrow our house, something needed to be done, either move, extend upwards or outwards. After much contemplation between Heather (my wife) and I, we decided we certainly didn't want to move as we love it here and the reasons to stay put far outweighed the upevil of upping and moving somewhere else! 

It's a three bedroom mid terrace and on the arrival of Harrison our youngest, it ended up he and I were sharing a room for his bedroom and my workspace. Apart from the fact my ever growing business started overpowering Harrisons space (It was basically Harrison sleeping in my office), he's at an age now where it's important he gets his own room. Something had to change.

Our options were aplenty, but big changes into roof space and a decent size extension to a good standard were budget busting and wouldn't really be a decent ROI on the value of the house itself (even though we don't intend on moving in the near future)

As Heather and I constantly brainstormed what to do we came across the idea of a garden room. We certainly had plenty of space for one, it would separate my work and home life to a certain degree, our budget would allow us to get it done to a decent standard and we could utilise all that unused space. So we went with it, made the decision and committed to the project of 'A Garden Office' or as my Dad calls it 'The Shed' haha!

Looking into starting the project we came across Fraser of SteelGrain Home and Garden, Fraser and I had many in depth emails on what it was we were after and how he could help us achieve our goal. This progressed to him coming to see the space and parle with us about our options, he seemed to know his stuff and was a decent, polite, well mannered lad looking to be successful in business. We agreed a start date there and then.

The whole project had its ups and downs but we are delight with the results, it's really opened up our lifestyle space wise, the kids are always in the back garden now (as opposed to then front all the time) up to no good and I'm so much more productive in the new office.  Just being upstairs working lead to much more procrastination than having a quiet space at the bottom of the garden does! Although procrastination still happens :) Big thanks to Fraser & Josh of SteelGrain Home and Garden a credit to themselves, solid grafters and all round good guys! 

I'll need a part two to this blog I think as there's so much more to tell! Here's a slideshow of beginning to end I hope you enjoy it.

N.B All the surrounding landscaping was done by my awesome Dad, railway sleeper pathway, painting fences, planting flowers, strawberries, rhubarb, tomatoes, chillies and goodness knows what else. A superb job and since these pictures it look 10 times better too!


John & Sharon | Pre-Wedding Shoot

Sharon booked me as her DJ and in her own words had followed my Facebook page for a long time! Months after booking me as her DJ she found out I was also a photographer and enquired to see if I'd do both! As it was one of my regular venues, who actually recommend me as their DJ for weddings I agreed, I must be mad! haha! Having met John & Sharon now I'm actually really looking forward to the challenge but not so much the following day! 

Walked, talked, laughed and took some pictures, top couple and Saturday is going to be a good one!

Helen-Anne & David | City Session

So on David and Helen-Anne's big day we started off with a lovely warm overcast cast day, I did some prep shots with Helen-Anne, got some lovely architecture shots of St. Andrews Cathedral, guests arriving and then some of the lads all dappered up!

We had great plans of burning it around Glasgow in a top of the range Jaguar to a few different locations around Glasgow for our portrait session, but, as soon as the ceremony finished, the heavens opened! It wasn't just raining, it was raining raining! Throughout the rest of their day we grabbed shots where we could in and around their venue Trades Hall of Glasgow but we had a back up plan :) A post wedding 'without rain' portrait session.

I drove to Helen-Anne and Davids place in Glasgow's West End where they were waiting looking awesome all dressed up for their wedding again 6 weeks later. Helen-Anne's Dad Iain drove us around Glasgow in his passenger seat weight restriction Audi (Legend lol) and her mum Philomena acted as the best photographers assistant you can wish for (Thank you Philomena!)

So relaxed and too many laughs with class people, here are some of the shot!