Kirknewton Stables

Lucy & Gordon | Kirknewton House Stables |

With the sun shining like it did for Kucy & Gordons big day, Kirknewton stables really could have been situated anywhere in the world, it had such a continental feel to it, like a  relaxed French wine festival within the grounds of a chateau sort of thing! 

My first port of call was to hang out with Lucy and her friends and family as they all got ready in Trini and Kev's wonderful house on the outskirts of Edinburgh. I actually loved that house!

When my work was done there it was time to head off to the venue, Kirknewton House Stables I've been there several times with my other job as a DJ so knew the layout to some extent, so O.K. I didn't really, as this time I got to recce the gardens and house within the estate and good golly miss Molly they are breathtaking. What a place for a wedding! All seated in the glorious sunshine with Gordon and Lucy to be wed under the grove of trees on the stunning lawns. Family and friends were playing frisbee, Croquet, football and sat on the lawn with ice cold drinks from the outdoor bar area #winning

When Lucy arrived with the bridesmaids all looking stunning, she was to walk down the aisle herself and wasn't to be given away, as in her eyes, it was something she as a woman in her own right 'wanted' to do! (I hope I've 'nearly' got that right Lucy!) It was a wonderful sight, Lucy grinning ear to ear as she proudly walked down the aisle toward Gordon.

 David the Humanist who did a spectacular job marrying the guys, top man with a brilliant sense of humour!

Anyway I'm waffling so here's some pictures that can describe much better than I what kind of day it was :)