Kirstie & Roy - The Strone & Luss Village Hall

First stop was to hang out at Glenview in Luss while Kirstie & her entourage prepped themselves for the days events and as far as I could tell it was a very relaxed atmosphere with everyone taking things in there stride! After capturing the goings on in the Glenview I ran around the back to say hello to Roy for a bit who I think was a little more nervous than Kirstie! I could be wrong! 

Literally a stone's throw from the Glenview was the ceremony venue The Strone, a picturesque 5* holiday home in the heart of the beautiful village of Luss, as I walked down the drive of The Strone I actually wondered where the heck they were going to stage a ceremony and indeed if they'd even started setting up! Then, as I poked my head around the corner I saw what could only be described as a secret garden, beautifully set up for an intimate ceremony and very much ready for the guests to start arriving! I captured it, along with all the personal touches, had a brief chat with the awesome Sheila Lawtie (Sheila humanist celebrant) and headed back to Kirstie, who was pretty much ready for the short walk from Glenview to the The Strone

A perfect ceremony (although gatecrashed by a wasp for 20 seconds!) Followed by drinks in the garden, a gourmet buffet meal (which looked amazing), speeches, a walk to the pier and then a party into the wee hours with a surprise appearance by Drums & Roses!

Some pictures :)