Lorna & Johannes - Catholic Chaplaincy of the University of Glasgow

In circumstances where one of the couple take time to explain within their initial enquiry, in intricate detail, all about their upcoming day, their expectations and with finesse!

All I need to do is blog that and the pictures, so here we are :)

Lorna wrote:

 I understand that it's quite last minute now and assume that it's unlikely that you will still be available for the date in summer next year, but my fiance and I just got engaged recently and can't wait to get married, so, we hope with some luck that you might happen to have that particular date free! We will be getting married at the Catholic chaplaincy of the university, a very special place to us as it's where we met, and all of the surrounding areas of the university and west end hold wonderful memories for us, especially since we now live in England for work and study. I'm Scottish and my fiance is German/American (and most of our friends are international) so we will be having a big fusion of cultures. Both of us have fairly big musical families, who are really important to us, so assuming that they can all come there should be around 100-130 guests there. It will be very 'home-made' with lots of contributions from all of our friends and family. For us, the religious service is the main aspect of the day, but we think that weddings should be joyful celebrations and I hope that every guest will have a lot of fun. I don't want our wedding photographs to just document the people who were there and what they were wearing; I want them to capture all of the emotions, the personalities and essence of the day and for them to be beautiful pieces of art for us to treasure and pass on. I love how candid and natural your style is and how it seems to catch all of the little moments and expressions, the movement and the joy. I think it would be perfect for us. Please let us know if you are available and interested in working with us.

And of course I was intrigued AND interested to document such a day!

The pictures -