Nena & Kevin - Pre-wedding 'kill the awkward' meet up.

Nena & Kevin came from Edinburgh to meet up for their couple shoot, Nena being the cautious type didn't want to book her photographer without meeting them first! Fortunately all three of us were around the same level of 'unstable' making it possible for me to be the lucky photographer that gets to document their day!

I'm really looking forward to this one and what photographer wouldn't be with an enquiry like this!

Hello Mark,

Hope you are well!

My name is Nena and me and my partner Kevin have nailed our wedding date - this historic event will take place on 'the date has been deleted to protect the innocent' 

Please let me start by giving you the headlines of our (not so) unique love story.

Scottish boy meets Greek girl. Boy falls in love. Girl meets the Boy's dog and falls in love (with the dog. But they were a package deal, so...). 6 years later Nena proposed by giving Kevin a scratch card and a pocket watch. Kevin said yes. Nena wanted to get married in a villain's secret volcano lair. Kevin (aka Bridezilla) wanted to get married "somewhere nice". So we booked the Botanics.

We’ve had a look at your portfolio and we think your style would work great for our wedding. I am not a fan of fake-teeth poses, where people smile but are secretly thinking what to have for dinner the next day. I prefer soft, quirky pictures where everyone looks like themselves. My partner is a bit more traditional, so we will be looking to have some family pictures taken as well (lots of dinner thoughts, ha!). All your pictures look natural, with great light and I love how relaxed everyone looks.We will be having 60 guests for the ceremony and the meal and about 40 more for the evening reception and we are looking to have you there for around 8 hours, including pictures while I am getting ready.

I would proudly say that I am not a fussed bride - I don't care whether it rains of whether mud will get on my dress, I want gorgeous pictures of us and our dearest ones, we want love vibes and cartoon hearts everywhere!

The plan so far is to have an origami/geometric/paper/thingamajig decoration theme. As most of our friends and family have young kids, I am also trying to convince parents to have them all dressed as dinosaurs - I think they will look great with all the greenery around! I won't have any bridesmaids but I will have a bridegroom (I think that is the word?!) who is currently thinking of coming dressed in drag. 

We would like to know a bit more at what we would be looking at as an investment, whether you had shot at the Botanic Gardens before, your availability, mileage etc.


Hope to hear from you soon!


Best regards,


Nena and Kevin

Too awesome right?!? lol

They'll be married next year at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh Here are a few shots from their couple shoot which was a blast and we really didn't stop yakking (well, only to take a few pictures)