John & Sharon | Garfield House Hotel

Sharon booked me as her DJ initially and later on down the line realised I also did wedding photography too, it was never really something I wanted to do on the same day as it's a little too much and I feared it would dilute my evening services as a DJ due to being slightly worse for the wear toward the end of the evening! The thing was, with John & Sharon's wedding, was the fact it was to be held at the Garfield House Hotel, a venue I've worked at many times over the years and really enjoy. With this in mind I decided to go for it!

On the morning of the wedding I boosted to John & Sharon's house to shoot some bridal preparations and hang out with Dean (Sharon & Johns youngest) and the awesome bridesmaids! Left them, went to the Garfield House Hotel to shoot guests arriving, John & his son (and best man) Lee, Groomsmen, where the ceremony was to be held and wait on the arrival of Sharon.

Sharon arrived, the sun was shining and from there on in the day ran like clockwork under the watchful eye of the illustrious Mr. John Kelly.

Such a great day, full of love, laughs and even more laughs.