Lorna & Johannes - Pre-Wedding Couple Shoot

Lorna found me via the magic of Google! Her enquiry was so detailed and engaging I really wanted to be the man for the job from the get go! It was on the money with my thoughts on how I want to proceed with wedding photography capturing the smaller more meaningful moments within the within the bigger more important and traditional ones! I hope you don't mind me using an excerpt from your enquiry Lorna but I just loved it! May be a little conceited of me, but hey! On wards and upwards! :)

"I don't want our wedding photographs to just document the people who were there and what they were wearing; I want them to capture all of the emotions, the personalities and essence of the day and for them to be beautiful pieces of art for us to treasure and pass on. I love how candid and natural your style is and how it seems to catch all of the little moments and expressions, the movement and the joy. I think it would be perfect for us. Please let us know if you are available and interested in working with us."

Lorna, Johannes and I met of for our meeting, we chatted, made 'the awkwardness' a thing of the past and I shot a few shots of them! Here's a few :)