John & Heather - Oran Mor Winter Wedding, Glasgow.

John & Heather were a couple who I initially met at the Oran Mor Wedding Open Day, they contacted me some time after it with regard to capturing their big day which is actually to be held at the Oran Mor itself, one of Glasgow's finest city wedding venues!
We organised a late evening meet & shoot at the Glasgow Botanic Gardens, a really warm sunny evening and we hoped for some lovely sun setting dusk shots! That would have been lovely but as soon as we met up the old currant bun dived behind a big cloud -_-

Not perturbed by that at all we set off, little did I know I was going to be given a guided tour of some cracking locations around that vicinity and I mean REALLY nice locations that I had no clue even existed (so thanks for that guys!) Anyway, the main purpose of the meet & shoot is to see if we're compatible for each other for such a big occasion! We obviously were, we had loads to talk about and the full thing was an awesome experience!

Unfortunately, they didn't feel the same and we parted ways there and then! Just kidding :) They confirmed and I'm very much looking forward to capturing their day, Good times.

Here are a few captures we bagged as we walked.