Saal-Digital 30 x 45 Print Review

The people at Saal-Digital kindly offered me a sum of money to go onto their website and order a product in exchange for a frank and honest review of what I decided to order, the ordering process itself and the service I was given throughout.

From hitting the website until putting the actual order through was very self explanatory, anyone with an IQ above a goldfish would probably draw the same conclusion and that's no more than you should expect from a professional company anyway ! I ordered on the 13rd March and received the print on the 23rd March, I doubt Saal can be judged on this as I expect my order would have taken a back seat to more urgent ones considering the circumstances.

The print I ordered was a 30x45 Alu-Dibond Butlerfinish® Format standard mount.

The packaging was spot on, fully protected and professionally cellophane wrapped inside. The print itself has a smooth textured feel to it, kind of like your image has been painted on glass or a smooth piece of slate. The Alu-Dibond Butlerfinish® is very unique and changes with available light depending on where in a room you're looking at it from, quite holographic and really very nice ! It comes with a wall fixing too, one which would allow you to get it very close to the surface you're fixing it on to. Below I've tried to capture the print in all it's glory as it catches the light from a window, it really doesn't do it justice comparing it to what it looks like in person, but I still wanted to try !