F-Shoot - Scott, Holly, Elise, Graham, Robyn, Walker & Theodore.

Holly contacted me as her brother Graham and his gorgeous family are migrating to warmer climates in the U.S.A, she wanted to capture some memories of them all together before they leave. The shoot was mostly candid natural moments with a few semi-posed & posed shots sprinkled in. They were all very easy going so the session was a pleasure, a few wobbles with the little ones granted, but I have two children under 4 myself so that's no biggie. 

I'm always humbled by the thought of the photos I take and the fact they'll be looked at in 10, 20, even 30 years or more down the line sparking great memories for each of them.

My parents took quite a few photos as we grew up and now I look at them 40 years on and I'm so glad they did ! I worry in this digital age that so many memories are captured, thrown onto social media via a smartphone and then just lost never to be seen again !

Here's a few of the shots we bagged :)