Lucy & Gordon - Meet n'shoot

Lucy & Gordon contacted me back in August after finding me on Instagram via a hashtag for their chosen venue Kirknewton Stables. It took a while to arrange their meet n'shoot as they're both very hard to pin down due to hectic lifestyles and the fact Gordon who's a chef has just launched another restaurant in Edinburgh 'Taisteal' After our Autumn shoot Gordon revealed he was happy to go ahead and book myself for their big day which I was stoked about, but I'm not sure how stoked he was when Lucy revealed "That's a good job because I've already book him" haha! It was a great little shoot and we all got on really well which is the main ingredient :) Looking forward to this for lots of different reasons but one being the venue and grounds are very unique, also Chef Gordon is providing all the food at his own wedding! I'm sure it'll be awesome as well. Another Summer 2018 wedding booked in, looking forward to it guys!