Helen-Anne & David

I made initial contact with Helen-Anne at the Oran Mor wedding open day, had a quick chat there and later on that day arranged a date to meet up with them for their free E-shoot. We decided Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum would be the spot to meet and go on from there. Both Helen-Anne & David are young professionals living and working in the heart of Glasgow, where they met and where they fell in love. They're getting married at St. Andrews Cathedral and then onto the Glasgow Trades Hall for the rest of their big day! A truly Glasgow urban cool affair.

After learning a bit about them and their plans I was really hoping we'd gel and I'd get the gig! 
Well, it was easy work to be fair as they were very laid back and it ended up being a good laugh, a nice walk with some shots en route (Not of the Jäger Bomb variety I hasten to add :) ) David was a little more apprehensive than Helen-Anne it's fair to say but then I think Helen-Anne was well up for it from the get go! And why not indeed lol

Soooo to summarise, before I go off into a world of waffle nobody wants to read (If you've made it this far well done)

We met, we chatted, we took photos, we went home, I delivered the photos and happy days, the guys liked them enough to book me for their big day! Back of the net :)

Looking forward to it guys! Here's a quick slideshow of the shoot.