Autumn & Harrison

I decided to take my little guy for some fresh air and have a nice walk in the woods with the intention of grabbing a few pictures of him to test out a new bit of equipment ! We had a nice walk and came to a lovely scene of autumn colour, trees and general autumnliness.

Things were going great apart from a few hiccups setting up the new piece of equipment I intended to test ! After wrestling with it for a while it was set up correctly, I placed a waterproof sheet on the ground and a blanket over it for my boy to sit on. Perfect ! I started taking some lovely pictures and then all of a sudden he wasn't happy at all ! He started scratching his head vigorously in the same manner he does due to his teething. I tried to ignore it and keep taking pictures as much as I could, until I realised he'd filled his nappy which in turn had attracted a several very large fleets of midges ! Poor guy, and all in the name of photography :)