Marie & Jason, Our Lady of Lourdes, Cardonald, Glasgow, Glenskirlie House, Bonnybridge.

I had a blast with these guys for their whirlwind couple shoot so I was really looking forward to capturing their day!

Bridal prep at Marie’s mum and dads house! Seems mum had gone all out with little touches for her baby girl, they were everywhere! Marie and the bridesmaid were obviously very close and having a blast as they beautified themselves for the day ahead! Not a sausage stain in sight afterwards too thank goodness lol

Their ceremony in their own parish church in Cardonald, the minister was an absolute legend, carrying out the ceremony and running to the piano to play and sing hymns, he was everywhere and for my brief communications with him was hilarious and very welcoming. Top man :)

Onto the lovely Glenskirlie House & Castle for wedding breakfast and evening reception, what a day! Here are some pictures :)

Courtney & Linards - University of Glasgow - Memorial Chapel - Blythswood Square, Glasgow.

Doused with Latvian traditions to be documented and my first time at the magnificent Memorial Chapel - University of Glasgow I knew this was going to be a challenge as well as a superb occasion never to be forgotten for Courtney & Linards. So many heartfelt touches to the day, from Courtney’s hairdresser being the same one she’s had since being a toddler to the rings being engraved in their own handwriting. What a great day for them to cherish, just wonderful.

Here’s some pictures :)